How to Choose the Right Farm Management Software?

Tomislava Petesic


Up till today, the AgTech revolution has experienced quite the bloom. From precision farming, drones, and geo-mapping to robotic harvesters and self-driving tractors. All this is just a needle in a haystack in countless farm technologies that are taking over agriculture nowadays.

Whether managing a serious farm business or a small family farm, every farmer looking to achieve profitable production needs to include one more component in his everyday activities. You have probably guessed it by now—we are talking about farm management software.



The Right FMS Can Make a Huge Difference

When managing a farm, farmers often find themselves overwhelmed with all the duties and responsibilities that can be very exhausting and time-consuming. In order to reduce time spent on messy paperwork, and have every activity entered and transparent, farmers should rely on the help of their chosen farm management software.

The ideal agricultural software should be a complete solution. What does this mean? It should support all crops (vegetables, fruit, grain, grasses etc.) and production types (conventional, organic or integrated), and contain support for all farming activities (central registry of fields, seasonal or full-time employees to inventory stock level and machinery usage). That way, regardless of what farmers may grow, they will have full support for every aspect of their production.

Also, adverse weather conditions like hail, frost, flood or drought can make a lot of damage to the yield and cause financial loss. The same is with late crop protection—the results can be catastrophic if timely measures are not taken. That's why tracking weather conditions per field and analyzing possible insect pest and disease occurrence are of the utmost importance.

An abundance of vendors offering IoT and remote sensing solutions bring many benefits, but challenges as well. When deciding on the right FMS, a farmer should consider choosing a software that can easily integrate with his existing software (ERP, accounting, e-commerce, etc.), and hardware (automated data collection from machinery and equipment), or any other third-party systems.

“Farmers should rely on the help of their chosen farm management software to help them manage all farm activities.“

If a farmer is involved in a larger farm business, he probably has some specific requirements he needs to address, so it would be preferable if the software could be customizable to fit his specific production process and resolve the problems he is facing.



A Mobile Version Is Just as Important

One additional benefit of a great FMS is its availability on a mobile device for Android and iOS, that serves as a supporting tool for the web application. A farmer also needs to check if his desired FMS mobile application works offline because that would simplify data entry.

“The best solution is to search for an FMS with a wide geographical presence, that includes a selection of all world languages.“

Farmers are busy people, and most of their day they spend on the field, so the easiest thing for them to do is simply enter every activity in the mobile app, immediately after it is done, right there on the farm. Even if there is no internet connectivity, and the mobile application is working offline, a quality FMS will save any data that is recorded, and sync it with the web application next time a farmer gets online.

Today, most of the applications are locally made for a specific country and market regarding its language and features. If a farmer is determined to be successful, he would need to find an application in his local language or at least one that supports different world languages.

The best solution is to search for an agricultural software with a wide geographical presence, that includes a selection of all world languages. That way a farmer can simply set up the account settings in his preferred language and make the most of what the application has to offer.

“Farmers need to check if the FMS mobile application works offline because then they can easily enter data in the field.“




Choosing the right farm management software can be a difficult decision, and these are just a few important things to consider when trying to decide which farm management software to choose. 


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