Importance of Pest Protection

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

In agricultural ecosystems, thousands or even millions of individuals of a single crop species are planted in a monoculture. To maximize growth of the desired crop, we try to eliminate organisms that we consider pests. Pests are organisms that might compete with or damage crop species. They reduce plant density, cause plant stunted growth and their death, cause lower production capacity, damage berries and in many other ways reduce the yield or quality of agricultural products. Agricultural pests are plants, animals and fungus that reduce crop yields. One of the most common ways to control or eliminate pests is to use poisons that kill pests, pesticides. They work by causing physical or biological harm to the pest organisms and may interfere with biological processes, such as photosynthesis, or cause damage to vital organs. Alternatively, some pesticides are indirectly applied or can be sprayed on a plant and later consumed by an insect.

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The latest data indicate that pests reduce the yield of agricultural crops in the world for 42% and in Europe for 28%. Approximately one half wastes on weed damage, one quarter on disease, and second quarter on pest damage.
It is also important to draw attention to responsibility of individuals for the application of plant protection measures, which is prescribed by each state. This responsibility exists because of the danger of pesticides for humans, animals and the environment.

All farmers have to worry not only about preventing the spread of quarantine, but also for spread of many other pests. In fact, many measures of plant protection give the desired success only if implemented systematically, affecting larger areas. Success of farmer's production depends of whether the other farmer, his neighbor, acts on the same way. By improper application of pesticides, for example by stronger wind, an individual can contaminate nearby crops and plantations over permitted threshold values, can poison a neighbor's bees, and with negligent application of herbicides can damage and even destroy crops and plantations nearby.

Crop protection is the science and practice of managing pests, plant diseases and other pest organisms that damage agricultural crops. Pesticides help farmers to reduce crop damage from pests and increase food production. They're very important as they improve the quality and yield of agricultural produce.

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