Increase Farm Productivity by Reducing Yield Loss

Ines Hajdu

Agronomy Expert

The main goal of every farmer is productive crop production. This includes achieving optimal yield, as well as quality and nutritious crops. While running their race for productive crop production, farmers often come across various obstacles.

We all know that crop production is a very risky business. Every possible threat can result in unexpected results. However, one of the biggest threats, known to every farmer, are pests. Generally, it's estimated that various pests (insects, weeds, nematodes, diseases, wild game, field animals) cause each year crop yield loss from 20-40%.



The exact percentage of yield loss will vary depending on weather conditions, crop type, crop growth stage, as well as crop protection management. If the worst scenario occurs, farmers can even experience total crop damage.



Higher Farm Productivity with On-Time Crop Protection

Exposing the crops to any possible pest risks is not an option for farmers aiming towards successful crop production. On-time crop protection is one of the most important factors for reducing yield losses due to pests. The main reason for that is, once the pest infection occurs, it's more difficult to deal with it. Therefore, the most successful farmers manage to react in the right moment and protect their crops before it's too late. This means that a farmer should know when to react and apply protection measures, as well as be prepared and have the necessary protection material.



A New Angle of Farming with Agrivi Pest Alarms

The transformation of agriculture from traditional to modernized has revealed various technological solutions oriented towards productive and sustainable farming. Thanks to technology such as Agrivi farm management software, farmers today can make data-driven decisions, instead of relying on gut feeling. This new angle of farming enables a farmer to achieve three valuable goals:

  1. Reduce farm risks
  2. Reduce farm costs
  3. Increase farm productivity and profitability

Accurate pest alarms are one of many core features in Agrivi farm management software. Intelligent alarms help farmers reduce yield loss by warning them if there is a risk of pest occurrence.



Now, let's see how Agrivi pest alarms work.

First of all, it's important to point out that the occurrence of a certain insect pest or disease is triggered by weather conditions. For instance, while some pests prefer warm and humid weather conditions, others are triggered by cold and dry ones. Another important thing to consider is that the occurrence of certain pests is strongly related to growing conditions in each region. For example, some pests occur only in moderate areas, while others prefer more attractive tropical regions.


Agrivi farm management software monitors weather conditions for every field that is marked on the map and linked to a certain crop production. Smart algorithms though compare current weather conditions on each field with optimal conditions that are required for the occurrence of a specific pest.


How is this possible? Well, it's actually pretty simple. Agrivi farm management software includes an impressive knowledge base that contains valuable information for more than 600 pests. These include:

  • Description of each pest with host plants and the most important symptoms of infection
  • Pest distribution by world regions
  • Optimal weather conditions for the occurrence of pests
  • Growth stages in which crops are susceptible to pest infection
  • Recommended control measures and active substances for each pest




Why Should Farmers Rely on Agrivi Pest Alarms?

The climate is changing. This means that the weather conditions are getting increasingly unpredictable. Today, it's very risky to apply crop protection just regarding the optimal crop growth stage or the specific period of the season that is attractive to a certain pest.

What's even more important, crop protection is not cheap. Spending money and spraying the crops by gut feeling, is definitely not a ticket to profitable farming. Losing a part of income due to pest yield loss is not either. This is the reason why successful farmers make data-driven decisions.


Risks are a constituent part of every crop production. However, it's up to a farmer to manage and deal with all the risks, including pests. What's your choice? Old-school gut feeling or precise and data-driven alarms?

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