Marcin Gozdziela Announced as General Manager for Poland at AGRIVI


February 1st 2021, London - AGRIVI, a leading global farm management software company, appoints Marcin Gozdziela as a General Manager (GM) for Poland. Mr. Gozdziela will focus on the company’s expansion in Poland and will be managing the overall AGRIVI operations in Poland. He brings in strong knowledge and experience from the agribusiness industry and agri-food value chain in Poland.

AGRIVI is one of the global leaders present on the Polish market for several years, and we want to strengthen our market leader position and support the whole agri-food chain in Poland. The goal is to focus and strengthen digitalization in agriculture at farmers and agri-food companies see fast returns from 50 to 100 percent in a short period.“ Marcin Gozdziela, GM at AGRIVI Poland.

Over the last five years, Marcin Gozdziela was marketing leader for Agribusiness customers in Credit Agricole Bank Polska S.A, and before that, he developed a marketing department as a Marketing Director in Ciech Trading S.A.

 „I am honored to lead a dedicated and productive team of professionals and to guide our efforts towards digitalization in agriculture. Our vision is to change the way food is produced in its core and positively impact one billion lives by helping farmers reach sustainable, resource-efficient, and profitable production. Now, this is relevant more than ever and we will do our best to make that vision a reality for as many Polish farmers and companies as possible.“ - Marcin Gozdziela, GM at AGRIVI Poland.

AGRIVI’s market leading farm management platform supports professional farmers in making their farm operations efficient and making timely decisions for increasing the profitability of their production. Besides farmers, AGRIVI supports other organizations from the agri-food value chain, like food companies, retail companies, agribusiness banks, insurances, and other stakeholders that collaborate with farmers.