Moslavina voce: Production improvements through digitization


Moslavina voce is Croatia’s largest apple producer. Their Obreska apple orchard, where on more than 200 hectares of land a total of nine different varieties of apples are grown, is located near Zagreb. But, the title of the country’s largest apple producer comes with certain challenges as well.  

Managing one’s production in line with the professional standards and instructions issued by the relevant institutions, meeting the strict international certificate standards, Global G.A.P. and HACCP, and, at the same time, justifying the consumers’ trust, all pose an enormous challenge for any large producer, let alone Moslavina voce. Moreover, Moslavina voce is faced with another serious challenge: managing its seasonal workers, be it tracking their productivity or communication regarding the execution of their work orders. Nonetheless, the company’s progressive management team has managed to successfully respond to these challenges by digitizing their operations, i.e. introducing the AGRIVI software solution in production monitoring and management.  

One of the triggers for this digitization has also been their wish to attract young employees. Moslavina voce is expected to undergo a generational change shortly. All the activities at the Obreska orchard are coordinated by the young production manager Ivona Tupek, who has opted to rely on more modern business management practices due to the strong demands for further adjustments and the introduction of even stricter standards in their production.  

Ivona is an agronomist and, rather than relying on her gut feeling when managing the apple production, she utilizes real field data. It is much easier for her to decide on whether the time is optimal for protecting the orchard from pests and diseases when she uses the on-farm weather stations as well as the crop disease and pest warning and prediction system and relies on monitoring every orchard scouting.  

Production digitization as a response to challenges 

“By using the AGRIVI farm management app, we create the preconditions for a much easier communication of work orders, automatization of reporting to comply with the international certificates and meet the requirements of the relevant institutions, and attracting highly educated, young employees,Ivona explains. AGRIVI

With the introduction of the AGRIVI software, the management of Moslavina voce has committed to taking on the challenges of production management and meeting the strict standards of the relevant international certificates. Accordingly, running all the activities through the AGRIVI solution has resulted in much better communication regarding the execution of work orders, as well as the automatization of the reporting process, which is needed to fulfil the requirements of the international certificates and relevant institutions. Plant protection is a good example of this. By opening a work order on orchard protection, an agronomist can provide precise instructions on said protection implementation, including the following:  

  • Workers in charge of implementing orchard protection 

  • Equipment to be used in the process 

  • Amount of pest control products and additional data, such as pests treated and waiting period  

  • Pest monitoring activity, based on which the protection is being implemented 

  • Amount of water 

  • Use of own user settings 

  • Additional instructions and field images. 

To ultimately lower the administrative burden on the employees responsible for submitting various reports, the data entered in the AGRIVI solution will automate the creation of different reports on production traceability, use of pest control products, and pest monitoring. Thus, after entering the necessary data into the protection-related work order, a report on the use of plant protection products is automatically created, and includes the following data: 

  • Crop and field treated 

  • Product and amount used 

  • Active substances and amount used 

  • Harmful organism 

  • Waiting period 

  • Date  

  • Treatment start and end dates. 

Managing the production with the AGRIVI software has also modernized the process of tracking the seasonal workers’ work hours and their productivity (for instance, the amount of apples picked or the number of trees pruned, by field and apple variety). Subsequently, the Moslavina voce employees can easily plan the activities that their seasonal workers will be carrying out during a season, and monitor their execution in a single place, via web and mobile apps, instead of taking notes on a piece of paper and entering the data in various tables.

The management of Moslavina voce has recognized the introduction of new technologies as an imperative for improving their production processes and, consequently, increasing their competitiveness. By opting to introduce the AGRIVI software instead of taking notes on papers and using different tables, as well as by making decisions based on each table and variety instead of relying on one’s gut feeling, Moslavina voce has made a huge step forward in doing business, thus positioning itself as the true example of using best practices.