New Agrivi Feature - Field Analytics

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

We at Agrivi are focused on developing the very best software system for intelligent farm management. This process involves our software developers, agronomists, business managers, assistants –and our customers! To make our analytics even more powerful, we’ve added field analytics. You can find them under Dashboard tab. Now, for each field you have entered into the system, you can analyze usage, productivity and finances, according to crops, fields and analyzed items, per any period you want – day, week, month or year.

Work hours

Field analytic allows you to see on which fields your workers have worked the most and thus on which fields you have bigger cost (for salary). To highlight points of interest, fields are color coded. Red color stands for the high amount of hours, green color for low, while yellow for the medium amount. It's very easy to make field analysis, just select crop, field and worker. You can also compare work hours per more crops, fields and workers at the same time. First table shows the amount of hours per total fields area and per only 1 ha. In the second table you can see the amount of work hours of per workers on selected fields, per total fields area and per only 1 ha.



Machinery hours

As well as work hours, you can compare machinery hours. From a drop-down menu select crop you want to compare, field and machinery type. In the picture below you can see yellow colored field, which shows that it has medium machinery hours, considering other fields with low and high hour amount.


About other KPI's in field analytics, like fertilizer, pesticide, water and fuel consumption, and productivity read in our next blog posts. With this new feature, Agrivi analytics become more powerful. All your field details are at the palm of your hand. Sign up now to try field analytics.