Permissions – a New Feature in Agrivi System

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

New functionality enables account owners to limit their users' data access to the system. For each user (a worker who has the access to the system) owner can now specify which data he can edit, which he can only review, and which data will be completely invisible to that particular user. Permissions that can be assigned to users refer to viewing, editing and adding of data, and are divided into several categories: account details, alarms, analysis, crop management, finance, general, and resources.

Choosing a role in the account details

How to add access permissions? Every user is assigned by the owner of the account with these specific roles: owner, manager, worker. After a specific role has been selected, the system automatically distributes access privileges, depending on role type. This way, for example, a person with the role of „worker“ has no access to finances or analytics, can not edit resources, alarms, nor account details, he cannot add new crop productions, and the rest of the data he can only review.

Giving a role in section Permissions

Adding/removing special permissions

The owner of the account can also edit individual roles by changing access permissions; some permissions can be added, some removed. The name of the role is then automatically changed into „custom“. With this new feature you can control the access of workers/users in the system much easier and be sure that nobody can review your personal, confidential data.