The TNW Experience

Tanja Folnovic

Agronomy Expert

Last week we announced that Agrivi has been selected as a featured startup in TNW Boost program at The Next Web 2014 Conference taking place in Amsterdam at 24th and 25th of April. After presenting ourselves on such a big event for the first time,  it's a good time to draw the line at the last few months and sum up all that we've achived since product launching in February this year.

„The big bang“ or how it all started

After almost one year of working on the first prototype of Agrivi application, with the start of September 2013. we've raised first round of seed investment and moved into our new office in Kutina, Croatia. Almost at the same time, we started six months long testing period with farmers as our first beta testers. Combining our development plan with their feedback, we we've been working hard to polish out the product as the launch date was getting closer and closer. On 1st of February 2014 we had lots of reasons to celebrate. Launch of Agrivi app was followed with big interest in regional IT and agri-media, and dozens of users registered on the first day being live! Other great reason was raising the second round of seed investment which enabled us to bring reinforcements in our team which soon counted five full-time employees and several part-timers.

The market response

Word about Agrivi spread amazingly fast and farmers from all around the world started registering and using our product. In a few weeks we have arranged distribution in the countries of southeast Europe, and very soon we expect signing the contract with distributors in Africa and Asia. Next step was presenting ourselves to the Europe. It seemed like the TNW Europe Conference in Amsterdam was excellent place to take the first step. Not only Agrivi was accepted to participate in the Boost program on the conferrence, but we've been selected as one of ten most promissing startups and given the chance to showcase our intelligent cloud farm management solution to the conference visitors, meeting with partners and pitching the product to investors.

What happened in Amsterdam... is AMAZING!

Thursday morning brought more that we could expect. There we're no free chairs in the Green room (symbolic, like our logo ;) ) of the conference when Matija Zulj, our CEO, started his pitch. The reactions from the audience and the jury we're extremely positive and it was just the intro.

Matija Zulj, Agrivi CEO, pitching the product at TNW Boost stage

Matija Zulj, Agrivi CEO, pitching the product at TNW Boost stage[/caption] The rest of Thursday we spent in talking to great people about Agrivi and listening some incredible speakers like Morten Lund who co-founded and invested in more than 110 startups (!?!) and Luis von Ahn who has created Captcha, Recaptcha and now works on Duolinguo, a free language learning platform. These two guys have really impressed us. What happened on Friday was extraordinary! We have spent litterally the whole day talking to the visitors, investors and potential partners who were interested in knowing more about our project and our plans for the future. At the end of day, after 9 hours of pitching our product, we couldn't stand at our feet anymore, but we were „flying“ carried by great reactions and overwhelming emotions. The total Amsterdam experience was enriched the King's day – probably the biggest open party in Europe, with over 100 stages all over the city and over million people on the streets. What to say except – we loved it. Thank you TNW for the great conference and we'll see you next year!

Agrivi TNW team at the end of successfull demo day with well deserved reward - beer :)

Agrivi TNW team at the end of successfull demo day with well deserved reward - beer :)